ZLife is comprised of professionals from various backgrounds including construction, hospitality, branding, marketing, sourcing, and procurement. Our construction background allows great flexibility in design, efficiency, and cost control.  Our experience in hospitality connects the divide between structure and guest experience. Lastly, our ability to marry construction, hospitality, and brand is our chosen path towards the future.

Our developments are designed with timeless features and modern, economic design to provide an appealing product for the trending target demographics of today and tomorrow. Our construction-forward development group focuses on building unique and authentic hotel and residential across secondary markets; with the first flagship hotel in the Las Vegas Arts District.

the team

Weina Zhang

Founder & CEO

With over two decades experience in material supply, unitized glazing projects, and managing global construction operations, Weina is the driving force behind ZLIFE. Under mentorship by famed Las Vegas architect Veldon Simpson, Weina created a new contracting company in 2005, becoming the first contractor to bring unitized curtainwall from China to the US market. In 2017, ZLIFE was created—putting together the years of work, relationships, and resources to create a development company capable of breaking the status quo.


Weina's past clients and projects include Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco, 1 World Trade Center in NYC, World Market Center in Las Vegas and numerous projects across Napa Valley, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Bahamas.  Weina's contracting companies have been featured in multiple local news and trade magazines, and featured in the NOVA special for her glass design contribution to the World Trade Center project. Weina was awarded as one of the top 50 Asian-American Businesspersons in 2010.

Jim Donofrio

President of Construction

Jim Donofrio lends his experience as president of Trident Construction after working in his family-owned business over the last 30+ years. As former director of international operations for one of the largest thematic, exterior façade and interior specialty contractors in the United States (KHS&S), Jim has operated and managed multi-million dollar projects both locally and overseas⁠—as well as developing internal operations necessary to accomplish large-scale, global projects. Notable projects include: World Market Center A-E; Panorama Towers 1, 2, & 3; Fashion Show Mall; M&M World; Howard Hughes Center; ITT Sheraton Desert Inn Resort & Casino; Stratosphere Tower Hotel & Casino; and many more.

Anna Olin

Vice President of Operations

Anna Olin has been an integral part of the Z family, executing high-rise façade contracts both nationally and globally over the last decade and a half. Leading the administrative, financial, and management roles at the Z family of companies, Anna's experience and business acumen have helped build the backbone of ZLIFE's organizational core. Anna spends considerable time working with (and in) the Shenzhen office and managing the sourcing and purchasing of materials. Her most noteworthy achievements include her role as the lead project manager for the facade at the Salesforce project in San Francisco and the interior furnishing of the Panorama Tower 3 condominiums in Las Vegas (The Martin).  Anna Olin has a B.S. in Marketing and a Professional Certificate in Construction Estimating.  Anna is also a LEED Green Associate.

Alex Hsu

Investor, Consultant, Advisor

An early investor and employee of LinkExchange, Alex Hsu is a seasoned investor, and consultant.  His various investments include, but are not limited to: Venture Frogs, Zappos, Bin 702, Chikarashi Iso, New Epoch, and Veridian, which are each unique in their own genres. He has a proven ability to spot potential as well as talent.  When he sees the elements of success, he is usually the first one to the plate with an investment.  In this case, ZLIFE is his pick.  Not only is Alex passionate about his investments, he sits on the board of JustHealth 510, a non-profit focused on providing free dental, vision, and therapy to those who can't afford it.


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